Important Water Body Notice

As a precautionary measure, the developer recently sampled water in Lake Ashby and results received Wednesday indicated high levels of Oscillatoria, which is a potential toxin producing blue-green algae. The developer, Board of Directors, Open Water & Wetland Committee, and management are working with Solitude Lake Management to test all bodies of water throughout Brookside and immediately take necessary treatment action. Initial results of Lake Wesley and the Riley Wetlands adjacent to Auburn Middle School both tested negative for Oscillatoria, commonly found when the weather is extremely hot and dry.  

Owners are asked to take extra measures to ensure pets and children stay out of EVERY water body for their health and safety until further notice. Fishing in Lake Ashby is not recommended at this time, and the dock has been closed and warning signs posted. 

Further testing will be conducted next week and once more information is available, the community will be notified.

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